Joining LGHEI is a 2-step process. First you complete your profile and then pay the annual membership fee.


To help you create your profile print out "Tips for Creating your LGHEI Profile".


You can join LGHEI by filling in the registration form here. Using a desktop or laptop computer is recommended.


When composing your text, don't forget to describe your interests and activities - not just your home and city. There is no need for a physical description and requests for photos are out of place, too. If you speak multiple languages, please translate your description into those languages as well as you are able to. Many members may speak only one language.



membership fee/renewal



There is an annual membership fee.of $30 (Canada) for one person and $7 (Canada) for each additional person listed in the household profile.


The fee is used to cover the costs of operations - website development/hosting/administration and, when possible, publicity to help expand the network.


Currently we can only accept one form of payment:


Pay using Paypal at or on the Paypal app.  You may need to create an account first. To pay to LGHEI choose as the recipient. Paypal will convert Canadian funds to your local currency. Include your name, email, and city information so we can credit you correctly.



***IMPORTANT***  1. You must select as the recipient. 

                                  2. Enter the amount in Canada $.  Paypal will convert the amount to your currency automatically.